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Musculoskeletal Injury Assessment and Diagnosis

Assessment and diagnosis of both acute/traumatic and chronic/over-use injuries


Injury Rehabilitation

A mix of skill development, movement re-education, motor pattern control, and strength work post-injury. Home and/or gym-based exercise as applicable to your schedule/daily routine



Prehabilitation Prior to Musculoskeletal Surgery

Strength development and motor control exercises prior to musculoskeletal surgery with a view to improving post-surgery outcomes and a smoother return to play

Injury Prevention

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention & Performance Support

Based on biomechanical analysis specific to your chosen sport/exercise, as well as your reported performance restrictions, the aims are to reduce future injury risk as well as supporting/improving sport/exercise performance


Joint mobilisation techniques

Passive movement of skeletal joints with the aim of achieving a therapeutic effect, be that pain reduction or improved quality of movement

Sports Massage

To decrease neuromuscular excitability, thus reducing pain and improving movement tolerance. Can be beneficial during the training recovery phase, or during days immediately pre/post event


Gait Re-Education

Gait re-education is used to treat and work with individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk and/or run. It would involve a mixture of hands-on therapy and exercise programming to re-educate movement control during both walking and running gait

Exercise Programming

Mobility exercise programming
Drawing up a programme of self massage and mobility exercises specific to your needs and requirements. A mix of home and gym-based exercise as applicable to your schedule/daily routine

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We have put together a list of common injuries to help you in identifying symptoms. Take a look here for further information and we advise that you do seek professional care if you believe you may be suffering from any of these signs/symptoms.

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