The Great Summer Refresh

It’s been a hot minute since our last newsletter at seventy9 Sports Therapy, we hope you have had an amazing summer!

Both Claire and I are back from our respective summer jaunts refreshed and ready to go for the winter. Whilst Claire was hanging out on speedboats at the beach, I was riding my bike up and down mountains in the Vosges, France. So maybe I’m not quite as refreshed as Claire!

Our goal for the winter period is to continue to help our patients with their new or ongoing injuries, but also expand our services out to even more people from Guildford and the surrounding areas. Which is where YOU come in!

Word of Mouth

Did you know that 35% of our new patients come to us via word of mouth? Positive reinforcement of a product or service from your peers has long been a key driver of purchasing decisions and this is very much the case at seventy9 Sports Therapy.

The single biggest thing you can do to help us help more people is to tell more people how we can help them! We are always so grateful any time a patient refers a friend or family member to us and would love to see that continue and expand over the coming months.


Did you know that a whopping 56% of our new patients come to us via Google? As the worlds biggest search engine that is probably understandable but also reflects the volume of work we put into improving our presence and ranking on the platform.

Now, we’re not on the lookout for secret SEO experts within our newsletter subscribers, but there is a way you can all help us on Google.

Google reviews are a great way for prospective patients to find out a little more about who we are and what we do from the perspective of a current patient. These again help to reinforce purchasing decisions, therefore helping patients to decide to visit seventy9 Sports Therapy.

And it is REALLY easy to leave us a Google review! Just click on the button below for the online form (via Google Maps).

Do you need an appointment?

Don’t forget that booking yourself an appointment is super easy. Whether you are dealing with a niggling injury that is not going away (remember, rest is NOT an intervention…), have just fallen out of a tree, or you just want a relaxing sports massage, we are here for you!

seventy9 Sports Therapy runs clinics 6 days a week (including Saturday AM), either click the button below to book an appointment or drop us an email.

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