Statement re Lockdown #3, January 2021

We Continue as Normal* During Lockdown #3.

*with a few caveats…

This afternoon (Tuesday 5th January 2021) we received clarification of the guidance from the Society of Sports Therapists regarding our practice during the January lockdown period.

The good news is that we have been given the GREEN LIGHT to continue to see patients as per the November lockdown and whilst under tier 4 restrictions. Our role, and more broadly musculoskeletal healthcare in general, is vital in helping you stay involved in exercise which benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing.

There are however still some restrictions to our practice, namely that there has to be clinical justification for a face to face appointment and that no interventions that are classed as holistic or complementary (such as relaxation/remedial type massage) should be performed. Therefore we shall not be providing general sports massage during this time. The relevant statement from the Society of Sports Therapists reads: 

“Members can continue to practise where they are providing essential therapy services for the relief of pain and acute symptoms that may be detrimental to quality of life, or in order to prevent disability. This does not include non-essential treatments, or those that are provided for maintenance, or detailed as ‘close contact services’, such as remedial or sports massage.

However, where soft tissue therapy is indicated within the aforementioned essential criteria, it can be applied, on the provision that full PPE requirements and CoVID-19 safety measures are adhered to.”

Society of Sports Therapists, Guidance 5th January 2021

We will continue to contact all patients by email after booking an appointment to double check the clinical need for a face to face appointment and arrange alternatives if required.

In addition to this, and in order to minimise contact time and by association exposure, we shall try to shift all patients that are “rehab only” (i.e. do not require any hands on work) to virtual appointments. This will continue to be a collaborative approach between therapist and patient.

In accordance to the guidelines, we will continue to keep hands-on treatment times as short as possible at all times (as we’ve been doing since we returned to practice after the first lockdown period) as well as maintaining physical distancing wherever possible within the context of the assessment/treatment/rehab session.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your ache/pain/dysfunction qualifies for a face to face appointment under these guidelines please contact us ASAP to discuss as there may still be significant benefit to a virtual appointment if we are unable to provide a face to face appointment. The same applies if you are self-isolating/shielding during this period of lockdown.

Thank you for your continued support, let’s keep pushing forward and improving both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Stay safe and well,
Ian Wrightson