What is a Sports Injury Clinic? Find out what our sports injury clinic in Guildford can do for you!

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Seventy9 Sports Therapy is a sports injury clinic in Guildford. But what is a sports injury clinic, and and how can we help you?

Calling ourselves a sports injury clinic seems a little restrictive. You would think that we only see athletes or sportspeople, however that couldn’t be further from the truth. A large percentage of our patients do minimal to no exercise. Whilst we may see an athlete because they have torn an ACL or dislocated a shoulder, we are seeing patients from the minimal to no exercise population for overuse issues such as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) or general lower back or shoulder discomfort. 

In truth, we are a sports injury clinic because our therapists are Sports Therapists. We have a background in sport and exercise and view injured structures within a movement context. That might be a rugby player performing a tackle, or an aerials performer dropping on silks, but it also may be someone with pain kneeling whilst tending their garden, or someone who struggles to stand from sitting. Whilst we may have “sports” in our job title, good movement is our true passion!

It also means that our day jumps from the highly specific and elite to the remedial. At our sports injury clinic in Guildford, based at Advance Performance, we may have an elite athlete followed by a patient who just needs a sports massage to relax from a day at work.

And yes, as a sports injury clinic, sports massage is one of the ways we can help you!

Given that a lot of non-exercise overuse issues/pain/discomfort originate from muscular tightness, a regular sports massage can help us manage that tension, as well as being able to identify anything that may become an issue further down the line and putting in place an intervention early. 

Aside from the specifics of why sports massage helps, sports massage also feels really nice for you! Sports massage does not just aid mobility and decrease neural tonicity, it can also help as part of a protocol to manage stress and anxiety as well as helping you to sleep better.

So by calling ourselves a sports injury clinic, we may sound like we are restricting our services. But in reality, what we do and the ways we can help you is really broad, ranging from elite athletes to office workers. Anyone can benefit from a sports massage, you do not even need to be injured!

So why not book yourself an appointment at our sports injury clinic in Guildford and find out for yourself just how we can help you? We have appointments available for both our sports injury clinic and our sports massage clinic. Either use our online booking system or send us an email with any questions you have.

Why not head to our homepage to find out more about the clinic, or check out our post on the benefits of sports massage?